Technical Services


Professional Services
STS is a consistent leader in Professional services, offering services across a large and diverse spectrum. Our skilled services include executive administration, program management, strategic planning, medical administrative services, medical monitoring, manpower and personnel support, BRAC planning and implementation, Budget and financial management, recruiting services, and instructional curriculum development.

Scientific Services
STS’ experienced staff provides assistance in authoring scientific papers; developing scientific reports and presentations; provide scientific statistical analysis and support of medical research data; facilitate research discussion groups and panels; liaise between scientists and other organizational departments; and manage research portfolios.

Technical Support Services
STS excels in fulfilling customer operational needs and requirements in various technical domains. Our wide range of services include, client system administrators for IT help desk support; instructional courseware development for distance learning applications; medical instructors, operators and technicians for hyperbaric chambers, trauma simulators and medical simulation devices; biomedical lab support; and occupational health stress screeners.

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SpecPro Technical Services is a Bristol Bay Native Corporation Company